Huckins Farm
Equestrian Center

   Huckins Farm - Equestrian Center

The Huckins Farm Equestrian Center is integral to Huckins Farm
and represents one of our community’s most valuable assets. When
entering Huckins Farm, a bucolic setting of horses grazing in the pastures welcomes residents to our unique community. 

The Huckins Farm Equestrian Center is leased to a professional barn manager who maintains the barn’s interior and the surrounding pastures and paddocks. 

Churchill Stables at Huckins Farm Equestrian Center hosts special events for Huckins Farm residents and the Bedford Community.

Recently, the Equestrian Center added a state-of-the-art composting program and a rotational-grazing pasture management program to support the health of our pastures and that of the horses.

Churchill Stables at the Huckins Farm Equestrian Center offers horse boarding, riding lessons with certified instructors, and other equestrian programs. Huckins Farm residents have priority access for boarding. 

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