Huckins Farm
Community Garden

Huckins Farm Community Garden 2024

HF Gardeners will be starting their 2024 growing season in the next few weeks. Watch for updates.

- See our First Season 2023 below -

During May 2023, the Huckins Farm Community Garden 'farmers' prepared the land, purchased the materials, and began assembling the community garden. And, with lots of help from our friends and neighbors at Churchill Stables, the garden was ready for planting in just a few weeks.

grass field and mounds of composting soil, steam mist rising above; Huckins Farm Bedford

Windrows early on a misty summer morning.

The windrows provide compost for Huckins Farm gardeners who anticipate good, rich soil for productive gardens.

- June - July -

“inch by inch, row by row”, we watched our gardens grow











- August - September -

We watched our gardens continue to grow and receive more rain than they needed.
The sunflowers towered. The herbs got wet feet. Tomatoes, squash, and kale persisted.
A good summer for learning about growing vegetables. 

- September - October -

Cool weather vegetables arrive —beautiful as well as tasty.
We harvest the last of our tomatoes and bid farewell to the sunflowers. 

Always a pleasure to spend time in the Huckins Farm
Community Gardens

- November -

Time to harvest and reap the final rewards of our first season. Cool-weather vegetables finish out the season. The gardeners prepare their garden beds for winter —all tucked in and awaiting spring.